Miniature Stepper Motors

Miniature Stepper Motors

Advantages of Faulhaber Stepper Motor using Precistep Technology

  • Cost effective positioning drive without an encoder
  • High power density
  • Long operational lifetimes
  • Wide operational temperature range
  • Speed range up to 16 000 rpm using a current mode chopper driver
  • Possibility of full step, half step and microstep operation
  • Extremely low rotor inertia
  • Ideally suited for micro-stepping applications

Why use a Stepper ?

  • Maximum torque at standstill
  • No oscillation (jitter) when stationary
  • Hold its position without current (due to the detent/ residual torque)
  • Highly dynamic at low speeds
  • No damage when the motor is blocked / Manual overriding possible
  • No drop in speed when the load fluctuates
  • No need for a feedback system

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