Linear DC-Servomotors

Linear DC-Servomotors

FAULHABER Linear DC-Servomotors are a unique solution for small and micro linear motion applications. They combine the dynamic motion performance and robust design typical of a pneumatic system with the high reliability and silence of a brushless motor. Applications include solutions where highly dynamic positioning are required; long life time (millions of cycles) grants high reliability and low maintenance in any complex system such as medical devices, optics, and instrumentation.

The linear motors consisting of a solid stator housing, coil assembly and a multi-pole magnetic forcer rod.
High power magnets help the motor achieve its excellent force and dynamic speed performance.

  • High dynamics
  • Excellent force to volume ratio
  • No residual force present
  • Non-magnetic steel housing
  • Compact and robust construction
  • No lubrication required
  • Simple installation and configuration
  • Precision controllers available

Coined QUICKSHAFT® these motors can be used applications where precision dynamic linear motion is required in a compact package.
For example: Industrial & Lab Automation, Robotics, Medical Devices and High End Pumping Systems.
More recently the LM1483 has been released meaning the performance range of the family is continuous force from 1.02 N to 9.2 N and a peak force from 2.74 N up to
27.6 N. See data sheet download below or visit FAULHABER for latest updates and further information about micro-drives.

Files for Download
LM0830 Series Data Sheet
LM1247 Series Data Sheet
LM2070 Series Data Sheet
LM1483-11 Series Data Sheet
LM1483-12 Series Data Sheet
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