Integrated Full Motion Control

FAULHABER Motion Control Systems combine the high performance of a brushless motors with tailor-made drive electronics. Whether it’s precise speed control or a highly complex positioning applications these systems provide the flexibility, performance in the most compact integrated package to fit a wide range of applications. 

Integrated Motion Systems

Whether configured as stand-alone single-axis positioning drives or integrated into a multi-axis network this compact and simple solution features the following:

  • Industry leading Compact Size
  • Wide speed range
  • High torque for Package
  • Simple cabling
  • Low EMI between motor and controller
  • Control electronics that are perfectly matched to the motor when the unit leaves the factory
  • Choice of super compact V2.5 platform or full featured V3.0 platform for control
  • Range of communication (Serial, CANopen or EtherCAT) interfaces
  • Easy configuration and programming using the FAULHABER Motion Manager software.
  • Many standard operating modes

The current range of products follow 

2-Pole 3564 B Cx  Servomotor

The 3564 B Cx combines a 2-pole BLDC with FAULHABER Motion V2.5 motion control system.

This servo-drive provides extremely constant speed control coupled with very smooth-running operation. It is ideal for use in vibration-sensitive applications, e.g. in optics, in welding and balancing machines used in special machinery construction as well as in measuring or weighing systems. The integrated current control limits the torque of the drive if necessary, reliably protecting the drive against overload.

BX4 CxD/Cx Series Servomotors

Combines a 4-pole BLDC with FAULHABER motion control system V2.5

  • 4-Quadrant PWM
  • RS232 or CANopen interface
  • This series contains the most compact motion control system in the range in the 2232 … BX4 CxD series (22 mm diameter & 32 mm length)

The highly dynamic positioning systems of generation V2.5 are available in two motor diameters with integrated, compliant Motion Controllers or with mounted, highly compact Motion Controllers. The different versions with their high torque, outstanding volume/performance ratio as well as highly dynamic control characteristics are suitable for a wide variety of market sectors, e.g. medical and laboratory technology, automation technology, robotics or special machinery construction. Integrated current control limits the torque of the drive if necessary, reliably protecting the drive against overload.

The interface (RS232 or CANopen) allows simple connection to networks. The integration of motor and control electronics in a single unit minimises both space and wiring requirements, thereby simplifying installation and commissioning. The control electronics are already perfectly matched to the motor when the unit leaves the factory. Programming is simple and convenient using the Motion Manager.

MCS Series

The MCS series combines 4-pole BLDC drives with the latest V3.0 control system.

with a continuous torque of 76 to 160 mNm. The drives comprise a brushless DC-Servomotor, a high-resolution actual value encoder and a Motion Controller in a complete, compact drive unit. The large number of different communication interfaces, the highly dynamic controllability, the robust design with protection class IP 54 as well as the industry standard connection concept via M12 connectors enable use in industrial environments ranging from automation technology and industrial special machinery construction to robotics and aerospace.

In combination with precision gearheads or high-quality lead screw systems, this results in complete system solutions for a wide variety of different applications. The systems can be used with any of the interface variants, both as stand-alone axes or in slave mode at various master controls. Furthermore, flexible usage possibilities are supported by various libraries and application notes that are available for download on the home page. All features of the drives are available here without restriction via all of the standard interfaces.

Available for 3 motor series

  • MCS 3242 BX4
  • MCS 3268 BX4
  • MCS 3274 BP4

Download data below for more details or visit FAULHABER for comprehensive guides, application notes and selection tools.
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