Integrated Magnetic Encoder AEMT-12-16L

FAULHABER has expanded its encoder portfolio by adding multiturn absolute encoders with line driver
The encoder can be combined with brushless DC-motors of the B, BX4 and BP4 series.
The encoder is connected with a ribbon cable; suitable connectors are available. Different filter modules…

Encoder Range

Faulhaber incremental shaft encoders  both indicate and control shaft velocity, direction of rotation and positioning.

Features of encoder range

  • Very low current
  • Precise signal resolution
  • Ideal for low voltage battery operation
  • Insensitive to magnetic interference
  • Extremely light and compact
  • Highly compact…

Integrated Magnetic Encoder Series IEP3-4096


Incremental encoder Series IEP3-4096 by FAULHABER
FAULHABER expands its product line with an incremental encoder which, thanks to the latest chip technology, achieves a very high resolution and accuracy. With a diameter of just 8 mm, the IEP3 is very lightweight and compact yet still offers a resolution…