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ERNTEC offers a range of compact Motion controllers optimised to drive FAULHABER DC motors.
The range is wide and has recently expanded to include an entirely new generation of controller products.

Motion controllers can drive DC brushed motors (precious metal or copper graphite commutation),  DC (3-phase) brushless motors and Faulhabers Linear Servo Drive and DC Stepper motors.

Legacy MC2.5 Controllers

Faulhabers legacy (MC2.5) motion controllers provide high performance motion control (velocity, position) in a small compact package. With these controllers you can

  • Track a course that the motor will follow
  • Make commands proportional to position
  • Closed Loop speed control with feed back sensors
  • Control position with a PI/PID filter

Programming of the the controllers can be achieved using Faulhabers free Motion manager application. This tool makes for rapid realisation of a motion profile.

Summary of MC2.5 Products

SeriesMin Voltage (V)Max Voltage (V)Continuous Current Icont (A)Peak Current, Ia (A)Description
MCxx 3002 sss53023V2.5, 4-Quadrant PWM with RS232 or CAN interface
MCxx 3003 sss1230310V2.5, 4-Quadrant PWM with RS232 or CAN interface
MCxx 3006 sss1230610V2.5, 4-Quadrant PWM with RS232 or CAN interface

Options Key:
xx=BL – For DC brushless motor
xx=DC – For DC brushed motor
xx=LM – For DC linear servo motor
sss=AES – For Absolute encoder AES 4096

MC2.5 Table

New MC3 Controllers

  • MC5004
  • MC5005
  • MC5010

Main Features

  • High resolution full motion (speed, torque & position) control
  • Compact construction
  • Controlled via DSerial, CANopen or EtherCAT interfaces
  • Minimal wiring
  • Parametrization with “FAULHABER Motion Manager” software and USB interface
  • Extensive accessories


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