MC3001 Motion Controller

Faulhaber have released new motion controllers, available as part of MC V3.0 generation for the lower end of the performance spectrum.
The new MC 3001 controllers are unhoused units and can control DC micromotors, linear DC-servomotors or brushless DC-motors in the FAULHABER product line from 6 to 30 mm diameter by utilising an integrated output stage.

These controllers are very small but also very powerful for their size. The flexibility to integrate them is ideal for robotics, automation, machine construction, medical devices, and laboratory technology. Especially where limited space is available but high control dynamics and high performance is required.

There are two variants:

  • MC3001 B which can be plugged into a motherboard with a board-to-board connector.
  • MC3001 P which can be plugged into a motherboard via a 28-pin plug connector.

MC3001 Features

  • Can deliver 1.4A in continuous operation and up to 5A peak current.
  • Excellent EMC behaviour (certified by external laboratories).
  • Very compact – height from 2.6 mm and a format from 16×27 mm
  • MC V3.0 generation interfaces (RS232 and CANopen) and encoder interfaces.
  • Intelligent driver module, well suited for installation in customer-specific applications.
  • Full thermal protection of the motors is ensured with the integrated thermal models and by means of the high PWM frequency.
  • To help customers quickly and easily get to work on the development of their drive system, FAULHABER offers a starter kit that includes, among other things, a motherboard and makes it easier to get started.

Data sheets and technical information can be downloaded below or you can visit the FAULHABER website for more information

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Files for Download
MC3001B Data
App note MC3001 MB
MC3001P Data
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