Flat Coreless DC-Motors

Flat Coreless DC Motors

General Features

No cogging or preferred rotor position
No hysteresis or eddy current losses
Extremely low current consumption
Exceptional power to volume ratio
Ultra flat design thats is extremely light and compact
Smooth and accurate speed control up to 40’000 rpm
Electronic commutation for high operational lifetime
High precision gearboxes available
Control electronics available for all motor series
4/8-pole design

Data sheets can be found in the Faulhaber Catalogue (see attachments)

Flat Motor Portfolio –Options and Modifications

Vacuum compatibility (up to 10-7 Torr)
Enlarged temperature range
Customer specific lubrication
Modified shaft geometry
Second shaft end
Additional voltage types
Customized motor leads
Different connector types
Different flange types (square instead of round)
Customer specific printing
Different bearings
Customer specific Firmware versions (with integrated SC)

Files for Download
Faulhaber Catalogue 2017
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