Coreless DC-Motors

Coreless DC Motors

Unlike conventional iron core DC motors our Faulhaber DC motor range has a unique rotor design. The rotor consists of a self-supporting skew-wound copper coil which means that it is very light and yields an extremely low moment of inertia. For this reason these motors provide unbeatable dynamic performance. The absence of any rotor cogging also provides smooth operation and easy positioning.

Features of Faulhaber DC Micro-motors

  • No Cogging
  • High Power Density
  • Extremely low current consumption and low starting voltage
  • Light and compact
  • Precise speed control
  • Simple to control due to linear performance characteristics

Currently the range begins at 6 mm diameter and 0.24 mNm, stall torque and ends at 38 mm diameter, 1.46 Nm.


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