Safety Couplings

This quality range of bellows couplings from KBK – Germany offers rapid disconnection and subsequent automatic reconnection of torque transmission to protect human and machine safety. The torque threshold point can be adjusted to suit the application.
Versions are available which offer additional advantages, including , electrical and vibrational isolation, compensation for shaft angular misalignment & zero backlash.


Shaft diameters from 6 to 90mm
Available in different lengths
Optional keyway to DIN 6885
Metric and imperial bores
Operating temp from -30° to 120° C (KBK/E series 90°C)

KBK/L series: 0.5 to 1’600Nm, for mounting pulleys, single ball-bearing
KBK/LL series: 0.5 to 1’600Nm, for mounting pulleys, 2 ball-bearings
KBK/BK series: 1 to 500Nm, collet fixing
KBK/B1 series: 3 to 1’600Nm, bellows, conical hub fixing
KBK/EK series: 3 to 500Nm, elastomer damping, clamp fixing

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