Motor Products

Brushless DC-Motors

Faulhaber Brushless DC motors offer long life, reliable solutions – with a wide range of torque & speed variations

DC Micro-motors

Our DC motor range have a unique rotor design that uses a self-supporting skew-wound copper coil. This type or rotor is  very light and provides an extremely low moment of inertia. The result is unbeatable dynamic performance, smooth operation and easy…

Stepper Motors

FAULHABER Two Phase Stepper Motors feature minimum volume and weight. The multi-polar rotor and radial permanent magnets design, the reduced number of components used, give these Stepper Motors a very high reliability and an outstanding resistance to shock and vibrations.


Faulhaber offer a range of incremental shaft encoders for use with our DC motors and Brushless DC servomotors. These  both indicate and control shaft velocity, direction of rotation and positioning.

Linear Drive Systems

Faulhaber Linear drive motors offer highly dynamic linear motion with easy motion control


Faulhaber offers a range of precision gears for use with their DC motor range.
These planetary, spur & hybrid gear-heads can either screw/slip onto a motor or be integrated with the motor.

Drive Electronics

The Faulhaber controller range includes compact speed control and full motion control devices. With options for Serial, CAN & Sin Cos connections these controllers are designed to get you up and running in no time.


Micro Precision Systems

Ball Screws

MPS (Micro Precision Systems) AG is a Faulhaber group  company that provides  innovative bearing technologies, high precision machining and assembly capabilities.
MPS AG has experience…

Integrated Motion Systems

FAULHABER Motion Control Systems combine the high performance of a FAULHABER brushless motor with tailor made drive electronics to create the industry’s most compact integrated motion solutions.

Whether it’s precise speed control or a highly complex positioning application, e.g. in a CANopen or EtherCAT control network, FAULHABER Motion Control Systems…


The KBK range of Safety & Bellows couplings provides zero backlash connection of two rotating shafts, with areas of application including instrumentation, control systems, robotics, factory automation, cnc machines etc.