FAULHABER Microdrive Markets

Erntec has provided FAULHABER solutions into the following markets for more than 20 years. In partnership with FAULHABER who have established and comprehensive knowledge of drive systems we believe we can offer appropriate drives and solutions to address each.

In the download section of this page there are comprehensive market brochures for each market that contain solutions overviews and examples of application in the market.

Medical & Laboratory Equipment

Robotics and automation have long been standard in production. In the world of the medical industry, they are becoming increasingly important. This is due, on the one hand, to a gain in efficiency and comfort – to say nothing of the cost savings – and, on the other hand, to the innovative drive solutions that ensure trust in the most demanding of applications: From local, office-based analysis systems to fully automated, large-scale laboratories, from functional prostheses to portable medication dosing units and even surgery robots, FAULHABER drive components are the first choice here. In addition to the high standards of EN ISO 9001 and 14001, FAULHABER is also specially certified for medical products acc. to EN ISO 13485.

Robotics & Automation

An industrial world without robotics or automation has today become inconceivable. In this context, process safety, reliability and economic efficiency are on the forefront when it comes to the application of such systems in modern production lines. The industrial-grade drive components from FAULHABER convince with their high endurance and performance in a robust and compact design. Whether for exact and highly dynamic positioning tasks, for example in SMT assembly machines, handling devices and electrical grippers, conveyor systems or sensitive and low-noise operations in artificial robotic hands.

Aerospace & Aviation

Equipment manufacturers for the Aerospace & Aviation markets rely heavily on innovative new materials, processes, and parts to master the ever increasing challenges of better aircraft fuel efficiency and robustness, all the while reducing costs but making no compromises when it comes to aircraft safety compliance and performance. Once we leave our atmosphere and venture out into outer space, these challenges increase exponentially. From small drive systems for aircraft cabin equipment, to specialized micro motion components for optical systems operating in the vast expanse of space, FAULHABER understands the special challenges facing the industry when it comes to small motors and motion control.

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