Motor Calculations

Erntec provides motor, gear and mechanical calculations to serve as a reference for motor selection in the context of your specific application. As the provider of these calculations, we wish to emphasize the following disclaimers:

Assumption-Based Calculations: 

Our calculations are made based on a set of assumptions and data provided to us by you.
Any deviation from these assumptions could lead to variations in the results.

No Guarantee of Suitability:

We do not assume responsibility for the suitability of these calculations for your precise needs.
Please assess and verify the suitability of the recommended motor and associated parameters for your application.

Data Interpretation:

The calculations are intended to assist in interpreting the customer-provided data and requirements.
They should be used as a starting point for further analysis and should not be considered definitive recommendations.

Verification Required:

We strongly advise independently verify in the calculations and their relevance to your specific application, taking into consideration any additional factors or conditions that may affect the motor’s performance.

Limited Liability:

Our liability is expressly limited to the provision of these calculations and the data interpretation offered.
We are not liable for any consequences arising from the use or reliance on this information.

By accepting and utilizing calculations that we provide we ask that acknowledge that you have read and understood this disclaimer and agree to undertake the necessary due diligence to ensure that the motor selection is suitable for your intended purpose.