High Current LOD Rack

ERNTEC HCLR-LB/LOD13L rack can be configured for installation of up to 4 x 4RU High Current LOD panels/modules. These racks are deployed where there are requirements for a large number of HCLOD circuits near the platform(s) being powered.

  • Suitable for 48V with either positive or Negative common
  • Total capacity = 3000A DC Suitable Modules
  • Up to 4 x (4RU) High current LOD modules Live Connections (Input and Distribution)
  • 40 x holes to suit M10 lugged ends of 150 mm2 cable. Common Input connections
  • 40 x holes to suit M10 lugged ends of 150 mm2 cable Alarms
  • 1RU Alarm panel with MK-E8 Krone block supplied. Provision for up to 3 Blocks (i.e. up to 30 pairs) Earthing
  • This rack is configured for two-wire earthing architecture (common busbar is bonded to the Rack frame by means of a 50mm2 bare hard drawn earth wire with a high temperature flame resistant sheath)
  • A separate secured earth bar is provided as a “star earth point” for the rack & LOD modules.
  • Earthing Performance < 5 mΩ (Common link bar to points on frame)
  • Height = 2150 mm
  • Width = 600 mm
  • Depth = 920 mm (940 including door handle)



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