Half Suite LOD12A Rack

The Half Suite LOD12A Rack is a 300mm deep cabinet with 2 pre-installed 10 or 18 way LOD panels
The LOD12A consists of a SE frame supplied with:

  • 2 LOD Distribution Panels (Can select either 10 way or 18 way)
  • Top Panel with cut outs for cable installation.
  • Pre-installed busbar for incoming cables designed for front installation
  • Quick Release, Removable front panels
  • Removable rear and side panels
  • 45 RU, 19” rails mounted at the front
  • High and low Super Structure mounting bracket kits with isolation medium.
  • Bolt down Kit
  • Adjustable levelling / isolation feet
  • Earthing Kit (Factory Fitted)
  • Rack Mounting Kit
  • 19” recessed 9 way Krone™ frame
  • 2 x 10 Way Krone™ Blocks
  • Surface Insulation Sticker Kit – Additional stickers should it become necessary to replace those covering screws or repair insulated surfaces.


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