Utility Cases

Bernic Series Gold Enclosure

The Bernic series Gold enclosure is designed for wall mounting, desk top or hand held usage and suitable for climate-control, access control applications. Assembly is screwless. Standard colour is white but other colours can be supplied on request. There is …

Bernic Series 1800 Utility Box

The Bernic Series 1800 is suitable for production of indoor electronic devices. They are ideal for complete or partial potting. Moulded in ABS UL94-VO, they are available in grey or black. Other colours are available upon request. Available  in 2 sizes assembly is simple …

Bernic Series 6000

The Bernic Series 6000 enclosure is a smaller form factor range of enclosure that are ideal for hand-held control devices. Internal PCB bosses are moulded in top and base covers for self-tapping screws.

Utility Cases

Takachi TWS Plastic Enclosure with Silicon Protector

The Takachi TWS series is a range of plastic enclosure with protective silicone sleeves. The sleeves have a spongy feel, are anti-slip and protect of your device from dropping impact. Available in 11 sizes and selectable in 18 color combinations of …

Takachi TW/TWN Multi-purpose Case

The Takachi TW/TWN are a range of mutli-purpose utility cases. The TW is constructed of ABS UL94HB and the TWN in flame retardant ABS UL94V-0 / V-1. Available in 26 sizes and 3 colours this series is suitable for measuring instruments, testing …

Takachi SW Series

The Takachi SW range of small multi-purpose plastic case  are screw-less snap-in assembly. There are mounting bosses PCBs. The SW is made of ABS UL94HB and available in 17 sizes, the SW-N in ABS UL94V-0 / V-1 with 13 sizes and the SW-T series …

Takachi SU Rounded Edge Plastic Case

The Takachi SE series of cases have smooth rounded edges.It is suitable for wall-mount and has screw-less snap-in assembly. Constructed in ABS (UL94HB) it is available in 2 sizes and 3 colours.

Takachi PW Plastic Case

The Takachi PW plastic desktop case is constructed in flat panel layout for easy for hole milling/modifying. Available in the 1 size and constructed in ABS (UL94HB) it comes in black or grey.

Takachi SS Series Plastic Case

The Takachi SS series of plastic cases is available in 3 sizes and 3 colours. The Lap joint construction provides limited protection against dust and water. The SS is constructed in ABS (UL94HB) and the SS-N in flame retardant ABS UL94V−0.

Takachi PR Robust Plastic Case

The Takachi PR plastic case is constructed in ABS (UL94HB). The robust construction boasts beveled edges and brass inserts in the joining bosses. It comes in 3 sizes and 2 colours.