Erni IDG-A

The IDG-A enclosure is designed for modern applications in housing management equipment, measurement relays, modular time switches, light switching units and for modules in decentralized automation. This new slimline enclosure permits easy snap-on assembly onto DIN-rails with an installation width of only 17.5 mm. The snap together design permits ease of assembly and soldering of the complete PCB (with the terminals and components). Simply insert the PCB and snap together the bottom and the top parts. Easy cable termination is possible via screw terminals or pluggable termination. You can install 2 or 3 smaller PCBs vertical to the bigger PCB. The vertical PCBs allow for the use of components requiring additional height (like transformers, relays, etc). The hinged transparent cover allows easy adjusting and protection of any switches and/or signalling devices.

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