Industrial Form Factor Enclosures

Dold KS440 Series

The Dold KS4400 series offers high terminal in a compact form factor. Models are available with a terminal block rows from 2 to 16 and up to 3 layers deep on both the top and the bottom faces.   Additional options …

Dold KS4460 Series

Similar to the KS4400 series but with only one row of terminals and at just 6.2mm wide, this system is designed for high density modular based systems and is well suited for integration with the In-Rail-Bus

Erni LDG-S Series

The LDG-S series of enclosures are fully insulated enclosures according to the specifications of the machinery and the automotive industries. The enclosures are designed for easy snap-on assembly onto DIN-rails by an integrated snap-on clip. These enclosures facilitate economical device …

Bernic M22

Suitable to mount on M36 DIN-rail. the DIN BOX Series M22 is available in custom colours and cut-outs. Termination is through removable top and bottom covers leaving the front panel free for indication or adjustment interface.

Erni LDG-A Series

LDG-A miniature enclosures are engineered for quick and easy installation for standard DIN-rail or screw mounting. These non-metallic enclosures are ideal for housing electrical, electronic and electromechanical devices such as sensors, controllers, power supplies, monitors, timers and many other small …

Bernic REX 4000

The REX 4000 is designed to accommodate a base PCB and daughter boards leading forward to the terminations. Designed to take a 143.5mm x 97.5mm PCB and up to 46 terminals, this enclosures provides plenty of room for even the …

Low Profile Enclosures

This is a low profile series of DIN Rail mount enclosures designed with compact design in mind.

Dold KO4300stK Series

The Dold KO4300stK series features removable terminal blocks with spring cage clamps. Widths range from 22.5mm to 90mm and terminal count from 16 to 64.

Bernic 450

This DIN-rail mount modular enclosure is designed for used in a closed rack or installation box. The 450 is available in custom colours on request and with customer specified holes in the front and base part. This has great flexibility in …

Bernic 1435 and 1470

Modular enclosure for M36 DIN-rail. Series 1435 is designed for automations equipment and can be used with a plugable terminal, a D-sub or other kind of connectors in the front.