Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Printing

What types of parts can be printed on ?

  •  Part should be no higher than 150mm when placed on a table, and is no larger in foot print than 610 x 420mm
  • The surface to be printed on should be the top most surface of the part, or recessed by not more than 2.5mm. Some curved surfaces may be printed as long as curvature is not grater than 2.5mm difference between the highest and lowest points.
  • Part to be printed should be rigid. (Some flexible material may be printed but flexible ink will be required. Currently, Erntec specializes only on rigid and semi-flexible materials).
  • Part to be printed should be made of any of the materials listed as tested by Erntec in the Capabilities section.

Do you offer printing as a stand alone service

At this time digital printing is part of our process of providing an enclosure or panel only.
However we may be able to help under special circumstances. Please contact our sales team to discuss.

What colours can be printed?

Erntec’s Digital Printing can provide you with limitless combinations of colours, shades, font sizes and details.
…You are only limited by your imagination!

How durable is Digital Printing ?

Our digital printer utilises UV ink curing technology which produces a very durable finishes so long as it is able to adhere correctly.
Its not possible to guarantee the results on any surface however we have already tested many common surfaces with outstanding results.
(A list of materials is located here)
If your products material does not appear in our list we can compare it with already tested materials and applications and discuss how it might work.
If it looked viable we could possibly supply samples for you to carry out your own testing before providing you with an assurance of quality and durability.

How long does it take for the ink to cure?

Printed parts are cured and touch dry instantaneously. Although a period of up to 36 hours is recommended before carrying out any testing on the printed surface.

Can I provide my own artwork?

Yes, as long as the supplied files are in accordance with the Artwork Guidelines section and is reviewed by our graphics department before final approval.

Can Erntec reverse print glass or clear materials?

Yes, we can offer you with the possibility of reverse printing glass, plastics, clear polycarbonate, etc.

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