Digital Printing Capabilities

Why digital print ?

  • Small runs, or even single items, can now be printed at a reasonable cost, with the additional benefit of access to Full Colour Printing.No longer a need for big volumes to justify the printing costs. Samples can be printed without the need of complex processes for your peace of mind
  • Erntec’s Digital Printing can take place on flat surfaces of almost any material commonly used in the enclosures market.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Unlike conventional Screen Printing, Digital Printing is a more effective and environmentally friendlier option.
    There are no pre-press stages between the digital document file and the final print, so there is no need for, film plates or photo chemicals.

Part Shape and Sizes

  • Maximum printing area: 610 x 420mm
  • Maximum part height: 150mm
  • Area to be printed is flat, is the top most surface of the part, or recessed by not more than 2.5mm.

Some curved surfaces may be printed as long as curvature is not grater than 2.5mm difference between the highest and lowest points.

Colours and Finishes

  • Full Colour Printing and colour matching available.
  • Clear coating in Matte, Semigloss and Gloss finish also available.
  • Embossing. (Some levels of embossing can be achieved through printing, and can be applied to different areas of the printed surfaces).

Artwork Design Services

Erntec can help with some level of graphic design services when preparing your artwork. Please view our artwork guidelines here

Tested Materials

The following is a list of materials on which Erntec has carried out extensive testing with positive results.

  • Glass.
  • Plastics. (Most types, excluding silicone based or silicone covered surfaces).
  • Powder coated or painted surfaces.
  • Anodized and Alodined Aluminium .
  • Zinc Plated Steel.
  • Stainless Steel No. 4 Finish.
  • Most of our Takachi enclosure line. (When permitted by shape and size).

Note: Adhesion levels may vary according to the artwork design, material and material finishes. Please submit your queries to us for assessment and advise.


  • Only Flat Surfaces can be printed with a maximum curvature or height difference of 2.5mm to the highest point of area to be printed.
  • Any Silicone based materials or Silicone presence on areas to be printed.
  • Some raw metals or metal finishes may not be suitable. (Only through testing adhesion and durability could be guaranteed)
  • Metallic Colour Finishing not available at this time. Although, some metallic finishes may be achieved when printing on metals or plated metals and plastics.

A lot of this information also resides in our digital printing FAQ

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