Artwork Guidelines

When supplying your own artwork files, the following considerations must be taken into account:

Sending us files

  • Our Preferred format is:  Tiff
  • Other file types that may be acceptable are: psd, pdf, cdr, eps, jpg, ai. (It is recommended that a tiff version of the same file is supplied at the same time for corroboration).
  • All supplied files “must” be 1:1 in scale.
  • Minimum File Resolution: should be 300 dpi.
    (Lower resolution files may be acceptable in some cases, if in doubt, please submit your files for assessment.)
  • We can accept vector or rasterized images but please supply any font files that might be required for your artwork

Colour and Composition of you Artwork

  • IMPORTANT: If Colour Matching is critical to you, CMYK format is advisable.
  • If Spot Colouring is required, please provide a colour code or name in CYMK format.
  • Only the to-be-printed components should be present on artwork layout, or artwork should be layered so non printing elements could be easily omitted.
  •  When colours other than white or black are to be printed on media other than white, layered artwork should be supplied.
  • All printed elements on your artwork file should be placed in a different layer to the background layer. Should this not be possible, all backgrounds or non printing elements should be 100% white and NO other colour present.
  • When printing white text or lines, a negative image would be advisable. (All printed elements should be black on white background)
  • Embossing. (Some levels of embossing can be achieved through printing, and can be applied to different areas of the printed surfaces).
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