What Else Can We Help you With?

At the heart of our business is finding enclosure solutions for our customers PCBs or systems.
Our Solutions can generally be categorized as:

  • Design & manufacture a metal enclosure from scratch,
  • Modification of an existing standard product,
  • Work with one of our vendors to tool a bespoke metal or plastic enclosure

Our aim is to understand the key requirements for your project so that we can help you progress.
To this end we may also be able to assist with other services. 

  • Solid works Modelling and analysis for testing
  • Assist with testing
  • Provide support for data & commissioning documentations /manuals
  • Assembly
  • Product Packaging

Analysis & Testing

ERNTEC has carried out or facilitated a variety of testing protocols to help meet standards or ensure a specific quality.
Examples are

  • Load & Stress Analysis – Enclosure & mounting weak point and deformation analysis 
  • Ingress protection (IP) –  Test ingress of solid foreign objects, water and dust. (eg. As per AS 60529 (IEC 60529).
  • Vibration – Test using electrodynamic shakers to determine the physical durability of an enclosure & and its expected life cycle.

3D Model Rendering

  • We can help you visualise your product before release or post manufacture with rendered models.
  • For example can you guess which one of the two images below is real but photoshopped and the other one is a rendered 3D model ?


Did you guess it was the one on the left ? 


Perhaps we can assist in assembling your product or design/add accessories to make it easier for your assembly process.


For some of our customers we deliver their enclosure products in purpose made containers that can be re-used to on-ship to their end customer.
Ask us about options for labelling and special features (padding, shielding)


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