Custom Small Enclosures

Erntec has been around electronics applications for more than 40 years’ building our knowledge and ability to think outside the box. That is why when you think of an enclosure for some electronics we don’t think of a just a box. Of course, we can help you select the right box but we might also be able to save money, down-time by taking the time to help you think about your requirements from a different point of view. In fact, there have been many cases, where Erntec’s thinking and innovation (often pro-actively) have created a product superior to the original brief.

How we might be able to help can broadly be split into 3 areas as below:

1. Modification and enhancement of standard products

  • Custom cut-outs and machining for plastic and metal enclosures
  • Integration of any hardware and fasteners (e.g. screws, standoffs, clinch fasteners, glands, and connectors)
  • Manufacture of internal brackets, backplanes, and partitions
  • Powder-coat finish of metal boxes is standard with other finishes such as bead-blasted or anodised optional
  • Digital printing of logos, labels and any other markings

2. Design from Scratch

  • SolidWorks design for manufacture:
  • Concept designs from CAD drawings, hand-drawn sketches or sample units
  • Preliminary drawings and specifications for review and approval
  • Equipment layout drawings
  • 3D renders
  • Software verification (e.g. static load analysis)
  • Test procedures and documentation for validation
  • Manuals and documentation

3. Broader Scope / Turnkey Solutions

  • Definition of product scope and specifications
  • Design recommendations
  • Component/ equipment selection
  • Assembly and integration of components/ equipment
  • Certification & compliance to industry guidelines
  • Test procedures and documentation for validation

How we’ll Work with You

It starts with a conversation and some discovery where we aim to analyse precisely what you need. Then, we work with you to design and manufacture – or source and customise – the ideal solution.

Part of what we call our 6-Steps process

1 Learn about you  Our first job is to learn about you, your business and your sector; this gives us context for the project brief and what you’re trying to achieve
2 Understand the brief  Next, we’ll ask you for as much information as we can get on the job at hand including any hand-sketches drawing, block diagrams and or physical samples
3 Think outside the box  Armed with this knowledge we’ll then develop a concept (or concepts) with you to optimise every parameter of performance, including your budget 
4 Present our proposal We present our final concepts with a  quote so you know precisely what it will cost before you consent to engage us
5 Design, revise and finalise  Now the job enters our system fro production design drawings., any revisions made at your request and finalised with your approval
6 Produce the goods At last according to our agreement, we can send you the files and the design is ready to enter production
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