Intermas Flexible

The FLEXIBLE subrack from Intermas design  is an all purpose system that is fast and simple to assemble.

Features of this design include:

  • 10mm depth variation for front and rear profiles providing flexible amount of free space behind the wiring level or in front of the operating level.
  • Profile rails are connected to the side wall at the front using a special cutting screw which ensures electrical bonding.
  • RFI shielding can be added later with single screws for each end of the profiles.
  • The front and rear profile rails can be interchanged such that the wiring level can be rear (standard) or at the front
  • Fast and simple assembly: Easy positioning of the profile rails thanks to raised embossing on the side wall.
  • Extensive range of accessories allows individual configuration.
  • In addition ERNTEC can provide further customization including machining of front panels, covers and digital printing options.



Intermas Flexible
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