Subrack Cassettes

Intermas offer a range of standard 3U and 6U cassettes for additional shielding or mechanical protection within a subrack. We can also offer custom solutions to meet your specific needs. More Information

Front Panels

Intermas offer a comprehensive range of front panels, top and bottom covers and rear covers to finish your design. These products can address either mechanical or RFI protection. More Information

Splitter Kits

Intermas offer splitter kits to effect the best use of available space. Be it converting a portion of a 6U subrack into part 6U and part 2 x 3U or laying a 6U card on its side in a 3U …

Custom panels

Utilising our local production facilities we can offer custom finish and machining for 19″ front panels. Production quantities start at one piece, although larger production runs are more cost effective.

Covers and piece parts

Intermas can provide elements of the subrack system as single piece parts if required. More Information