Small Enclosures

Custom Solutions

For your small enclosure requirements we can either modify a standard product or design & manufacture a solution from scratch. Talk to us about what solutions we can offer.

Desktop Enclosures

Metal Enclosures

Erntec’s range of metal enclosures spans the range from standard die-cast, through profile based systems that make small production run customisable enclosures a reality to high end desktop and rack mount models with and without cooling fins/heatsinks. Of course we …

Plastic Enclosures

Our range of plastic enclosures ranges from very small utility boxes through wearable pendants and cases to hand held, instrument cases, wall mount and doored. We can also offer robust enclosures for extreme outdoor and pole mount applications.

Industrial Enclosures

From Ensto, Erntec offer a range of IP rated industrial enclosures in Thermoplastic (ABS and PC), Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) and Aluminium. Available in sizes ranging from 53 x 55 x 36 to 400 x 600 x 185 and with a …

Intermas Flexible

Card Frames and Subracks

Erntec’s range of subracks covers imperial and metric grids, low cost and high performance models and industry standard CompactPCI models. We are also very strong in the design and production of custom solutions for difficult requirements.

Special Purpose

Special Purpose Aluminium & Plastic enclosures

Enclosure Accessories

From vents to mounting accessories to brackets. ERNTEC can provide all manner of accessories to complete your solution.