Enclosure Solutions

Rack Mount Chassis

18th February, 2014

Erntec offers the HYR series of 19” rack mounting enclosures with integrated heat-sinks from Takachi in Japan.


Available as standard in 2U and 3U heights, the enclosures have an internal usable area of 386.5mm x 225mm. They are available in black or silver.


The enclosure is designed with vertical a vertically finned heat-sink mounted on each side of the enclosure. This allows convection cooling to take place in the rack/cabinet rather than allowing heat-soak to move into the next upper layer. The lid and base feature ventilation holes to assist in cooling whilst eliminating catch-point of the heat-fins.


Accessories include internal mounting plates with L-brackets and handles. Erntec can also provide milling services and labelling options.


These enclosures are ideal for applications where medium level heat and high quality finish need to co-exist.


The series is also available as the HY series without the 19” panel mounts and with greater variations in footprint.