Enclosure Design

Erntec has built an expertise and knowledge in the design of Enclosures over a period of 40 years. We pride ourselves on taking a collaborative approach to specification and design by asking the right questions.
By taking the time to help you think about your requirements (sometimes from a different point of view) we might be able to enhance the idea. Or perhaps we just need to listen and get aligned with you to be able to deliver to a requirement.

How we might be able to help?

  • Definition of product scope and specifications
  • Concept designs from CAD drawings, hand-drawn sketches or sample units
  • Preliminary drawings and specifications for review and approval
  • Component/equipment selection
  • Assembly and integration of components/ equipment
  • Equipment layout drawings
  • 3D renders
  • Software verification (e.g. static load analysis)
  • Test procedures and documentation for validation
  • Manuals and documentation
  • Certification & compliance to industry guidelines
  • Test procedures and documentation for validation

How we’ll Work with You

It starts with a conversation and some discovery where we aim to analyse precisely what you need. Then, we work with you to design and manufacture – or source and customise – the ideal solution.

Part of what we call our 6-Steps process

1 Learn about you  Our first job is to learn about you, your business and your sector; this gives us context for the project brief and what you’re trying to achieve
2 Understand the brief  Next, we’ll ask you for as much information as we can get on the job at hand including any hand-sketches drawing, block diagrams and or physical samples
3 Think outside the box  Armed with this knowledge we’ll then develop a concept (or concepts) with you to optimise every parameter of performance, including your budget 
4 Present our proposal We present our final concepts with a  quote so you know precisely what it will cost before you consent to engage us
5 Design, revise and finalise  Now the job enters our system fro production design drawings., any revisions made at your request and finalised with your approval
6 Produce the goods At last according to our agreement, we can send you the files and the design is ready to enter production


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