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Experience Counts

Electrical Cabinet & Rack Solutions

Erntec designs & manufactures proven quality electrical cabinets & rack solutions. We have delivered into the Australian Telecom, Energy, Military, Medical, Infrastructure and Electrical & Industries for well over 30 years. The types of projects and solutions we have worked on over the years are many & varied.

We strive to design and manufacture solutions that can improve commissioning of equipment, reduce risk and lower total cost of ownership.
For example where specifications allow, and their is agreement with the client we will often add features that reduce assembly or commissioning times.

Our manufacturing capabilities facilitate production in aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel.
Other materials can be considered  on request and we have the support of additive manufacturing capabilities to assist for special requirements and access to a wide range of quality subcontractors for machining and finishing work.

Erntec Large Enclosure solutions

Typical solutions broadly fall into one of the following categories:

  • Modular frame enclosures with varying levels of “fit-out”.
  • Welded enclosures with varying complexity
  • Special Enclosures (wild and wonderful solutions for out of the box projects)
Modular Enclosure Modular Enclosure Australia
Welded enclosure Welded Enclosure Australia
Special Enclosures

What can you expect when you engage with us on a new design?

  • An engineered approach with experienced In-house design team that will listen to you.
    We can discuss your design and share our experience across many different applications.
  • One part number for complete enclosure and supplied assembled, not piece parts
  • QA procedures throughout manufacturing process and a final QA on dispatch
  • Ability to add value and provide as many types of accessories or fit-outs that you can imagine
  • Ongoing support, Responsive to any issues and questions.

What we do when we design a large enclosure

Experience has taught us that new design often requires some to and fro and changes to meet the desired outcome.
We don’t profess to be perfect but we will work with you to gain that critical understanding and aim to meet your expectations.
Loosely the process from concept to delivery follows our 6-steps process

  1. Gather / discuss enclosure requirements
  2. Come to agreement that we understand requirements
  3. Provide you with a quotation including a list of fit-out details & any other options
  4. Process order
  5. Produce 3D model and manufacturing drawings for your review and approval
  6. Once approved, confirm lead-time & move onto production and work with you to meet expectations 

Our drawing team works hand in hand with sales & manufacturing to gain the experience needed to eliminate non-manufacturable features and reduce revision cycles.
Our aim is that once a design has been drawn and manufactured we can “push the button again” so that the next time and your product will be made as agreed.

See examples of our Modular Base Frame System and Welded Solutions or  Engage with us 

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