Double Hinge Swing Frame

Erntec have designed and developed a double hinged swing frame to meet the current markets needs. Much thought and consideration has been put into this design to overcome shortfalls in existing offerings.

Being a local manufacturer Erntec have the advantage of diversity in how a swing frame can be tailored to any variation on cabinet design. An overview of the design is shown in the gallery below.

Features of the design

  • 19 inch mount rails
  • Left or right hinged
  • Three point locking with swing handle (lockable)
  • Screw fixed transport brackets for secure transporting
  • Built in lock receivers for left or right hinged external door
  • Inner 19 inch rail optional
  • 21RU (1200 high) up to 45RU(2300 high)
  • Tested to 120Kg ( correctly secured with rear roof wall fixing brackets)
  • 400mm installation depth (800mm wide cab, greater cabinet widths available)
  • Swing frame fixing stay. Four positions 90 degree to >180 degrees
  • Recessed secondary hinge point/19 inch frame option available
  • Cable socket management accessories
  • Colour options available

More on the Hinge/stay mechanism

As shown below the stay mechanism has a 90 degree locking pin – Lift to open past 90 degrees.
With 90 degree stop pin up door stay can be set to 135 to 170, 180 and 210 degrees. We can also provide an optional recessed 19″ frame with a recessed secondary hinge bracket

Cable sock management
Cable sock /duct retainer consists of back plate for mounting the duct to the side of the swing frame, u duct wrap bracket and sock receiver.
Sock receiver can be fitted to either side or front for more than one position use(rear of cabinet).
Sock receiver is two piece which allows the brackets to be added after looming is complete.
All components can be retro fit.

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