SE Frame Construction

Overview of Construction

Modular construction features of the SE system allow for heavy duty frames to be constructed in 50 mm steps in all directions (depth, width and height).
Conceivable frame sizes can be from 250 mm cubed to 6000 mm cubed.

  • Construction is from rolled formed galvanised steel profiles ensuring optimal corrosion protection even at the cut edges.
  • Two versions of profile are available … W profile &  V profile are manufactured with a series of holes in a 25 mm and 50 mm pattern.
  • Plug-in corner connectors made from die-cast aluminium ensure stable connection in all three axes.
  • A gusset is then fitted to each corner and screwed to the frame profiles to profile the mechanical connection between all parts and to provide accurate dimension settings.
  • The corner block construction also ensure electrical conduction between the frame components.

Visual Guide to Construction

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SE Frame, Components & Sizing

Baying & Splitting Options

SE Frame Construction
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