Keypad Components and Accessories

Mentor offers a range of technologies to allow the design of custom illuminating and alerting keypads. Methods available include pushbutton and plunger assemblies with diffuser caps suitable for point and/or full illumination, light pipes and capacitive keypads. A range of matching switches and LEDS is also featured.

Also available is a system designed to allow custom height 7-Segment displays to be manufactured. Standard heights matching the pushbutton and plunger depths are available. Freedom of choice of LEDs is another feature of this system.

Elements include

7-Segment Displays, Capacitive Keypads with Interface board, Light Guides for Stand-Alone Indicators, Plunger with and without point illumination, Pushbutton caps and signal indicators for individual inscription inserts, Pushbutton caps with individual and full illumination, Pushbutton caps for membrane keypads, SMD LEDs and Pushbutton Switches.


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