Desktop Enclosures

This range of enclosures has a top and bottom half and removable front and rear panels to simplify modifications for switches, knobs and indicators.

35mm DIN Rail Mount

With products available form leading manufacturers Bernic and Erni, our DIN Rail product offering includes models with rear-set terminals, forward-set terminals and bare base boards. Most models offer a choice of fixed or pluggable terminals. Many models are modular and based …

Equipment Cases

The enclosures are suited to bulkier equipment that needs ease of access.

Hand Held Cases

This series of enclosures are smaller and well suited to being held in the hand or worn on a lanyard. Ideal for monitors, trackers and small gauges.

IP Rated Enclosures

Our IP rated enclosures range from IP65 to IP67 and are ideal for putting delicate electronics systems into harsh outdoor environments.

Potting Boxes

These are simple low cost potting boxes with or without covers.

Utility Cases

This is a huge range of cases for indoor applications. Options include battery compartments and silicon covers.

Wall Mount Enclosures

These enclosures are designed to wall mount and accommodate sensors, controls comms etc. Models are available with adjustment knobs.