Specification Process

Our aim in collaborating with you is to provide effective communication so that we can meet your expectations. In understanding your requirements we can work with a brief or our Sales & Engineering team can sit with you to discuss options  or simply translate what you need into a  practical design.

Example Process Concept to Productiuon

Example of the process from concept, design to production

  • Discuss requirements
  • Come to agreement that we understand requirments
  • Provide a quotation with list of fit-out detail & any other options
  • Process order
  • Produce 3D model and manufacturing drawings.
  • Provide either 3D or 2D drawings for your review and approval
  • Once approved, confirm lead-time & move onto production

Once designed & drawn we can also offer additional services such as photo realistic renderings & graphics or 3D movies with cut aways for product manuals & marketing purposes.

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